Who is GTI?

Green Thumb Industries (GTI) is an Illinois-based partnership of accomplished professionals, business people, world-class entrepreneurs and philanthropists driven by the dual commitment to the patients and communities it will serve. Each founding member of GTI calls Illinois home and is dedicated to serving Illinois communities where its efforts will have the greatest positive impact.


What is the economic benefit of GTI locating their business in my community?

GTI invests in each community it serves by creating a working environment where local residents will want to work. In addition to hiring local residents, they emphasize employing veterans as well as developmentally and physically disabled individuals. Furthermore, GTI partners have a long history of investing in communities within which they have operated businesses all while sourcing supplies within a 150-mile radius of their operations.


Where will GTI have operations?

GTI will operate medical cannabis cultivation centers in Rock Island (district 7) and Oglesby (district 17), as well as a dispensary operation in the Village of Mundelein (Lake County).


The Clinic Mundelein is an affiliate of GTI and will operate as a dispensary of medical cannabis for Illinois patients in need. The Clinic will be owned and operated by GTI Partners, who have proven experience operating successful businesses, long-term expertise in adhering to sustainable business practices, and a deep understanding of the law with regards to the regulatory process surrounding medical cannabis and dispensary operations. This secure, stand-alone facility will employ five people including on-site security personnel when it opens to consult the first patients, with additional employment opportunities to become available as demand increases. Plans to begin selling GTI products are regulated by the state, though the group expects to be fully operational by September of 2015.


How many patients do you expect to serve upon opening the dispensary?

GTI is committed to providing quality health care solutions to all Illinois patients in need. The demand for medical cannabis is unknown but expected to grow and GTI is positioned to meet demand, focused on ensuring that all patients will have access to safe, effective products in a timely manner.

At The Clinic Mundelein, private, one-on-one consultations with a licensed Illinois pharmacist will ensure patients receive the highest level of care and personal service available in Lake County, Illinois. GTI staff will work with patients to help them customize their treatment plan, manage dosing frequency, monitor progress and ensure they are administering the proper medication to fit our patient’s specific needs.


Should I be concerned about having a medical cannabis cultivation facility in my community?

The state’s new medical cannabis law has strict rules regarding licensing, surveillance and inventory control for cultivation centers. All cultivation centers are required to comply with local zoning laws, including operating at least 2,500 feet from schools and day care centers. GTI partnered with Hillard Heintze, one of the leading security risk management firms in the United States, and career law enforcement executive Terrance Gainer, to ensure GTI’s operations are among the most secure facilities in the nation.


What experience does GTI have in the medical cannabis industry?

GTI forged a core partnership with The Clinic Colorado – one of the most experienced, decorated and respected organizations in the medical cannabis business in the United States. This partnership between GTI and The Clinic Colorado will ensure long-term stability while producing the highest quality product. With their combined expertise operating successful businesses and a proven track record of adhering to sustainable business practices, GTI and The Clinic Colorado formed a fully integrated partnership well-positioned to build a sustainable business in this new frontier right here in Illinois.